The Application Process

Once a student has identified a realistic course of study, and a sponsoring major professor, then the application must be routed through not only the department in question but also the Honors Program and the Graduate School.

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the approval and signatures of the major professor, graduate Coordinator, Department Head, Honors Program lead advisor. The Honors Program will then send the completed forms to the graduate school for approval of the Dean.
  2. The Graduate School will temporarily house the application forms, and will send a copy of the completed form (with the Dean's signature) and a letter to the Honors program and participating department acknowledging completion of the Bachelor’s/ Master’s application.
  3. The student will then complete the necessary requirements to apply to the Graduate school; this will require the student to request a letter of recommendation from the Honors Program to the Graduate School.
  4. Once the student has been accepted to the Graduate School and begins registering as a graduate student, the Honors Program will maintain a copy of the application forms until the student graduates. Graduate coordinators are urged to maintain files on their Bachelor’s/ Master’s students and keep copies of these forms (your department can request a copy of the forms from the Honors Program if necessary).

The University of Georgia Honors Program
Telephone: (706) 542-3240; Facsimile: (706) 542-6993