Mission Statement

The discipline of classics has been central to the rise of universities in general and of the University of Georgia in particular. It continues to be fundamental to the humanities and to a liberal education, since a solid foundation in the languages, history, and culture of Graeco-Roman civilization provides a means of understanding the past and the intellectual roots of the present. The Department supports the University’s mission to enhance the “state’s and the nation’s intellectual [and] cultural [. . .] heritage,” as well as the College’s purpose to offer “undergraduates both fundamentals of a liberal education on which to base a lifetime of learning and the opportunity to concentrate in studies which form the foundation for professional pursuits.” Toward these ends, the Department of Classics dedicates itself to ensuring that all students who desire gain proficiency in the Greek and Latin languages, as well as a broad understanding of classical literature, culture, and history and of the influence of the Graeco-Roman world on the concepts and values of Western civilization.