Teaching Projects for the M.A. in Latin

A sample of final teaching projects created by UGA Latin M.A. candidates:

Ovid - Tristia 4.2 by Ryan Sellers

Selections from Plautus' Aulularia by Charlaine Lunsford

The Tale of Aeneas Teacher's Edition by Jordan Amy

Ovid's Metamorphosis: Book One - A new text reader by Sin R. Guanci

Somnium Scipionis Textbook by Sandy Hughes
Somnium Scipionis Teacher's Manuel by Sandy Hughes

Petronius' Satyricon - Student Packet by Ashley Newman
Petronius' Satyricon - Teacher's Manuel by Ashley Newman
A Funny Thing Happened in Roman Comedy by Nelson Berry

Clarissimi Viri by Josh Roberts

Livy's Horatii and Curiatii Teacher Materials by Mary Sarah Schmidt

Livy's Horatii and Curiatii Student Materials by Mary Sarah Schmidt

Poenam pro munere by Leonora Mahler