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Curriculum Vitae:
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Academic History

Ph.D. 2005 University of California, Santa Barbara (Classics)

M.A. 2000 Villanova University (Classics)

M.A. 1997 West Chester University (Philosophy)

M.A. 1995 Millersville University (German)

B.A. 1992 West Chester University (Philosophy)

Teaching Experience (post-Ph.D.)

2009-2010: Loyola University Chicago
2006-2009: Duke University
2005-2006: University of California, Santa Barbara


Pratinas: a Philological and Cultural Commentary (Professor Robert Renehan, Chair)


“The Mind of a Bitch: Pandora's Motive and Intent in the Erga”, Hermes 135.3 (2007): 247-262

(co-translated with R. Morstein-Marx) “Methods, Models, and Historiography” by M. Jehne in A Companion to the Roman Republic, R. Morstein-Marx and N. Rosenstein, ed., Blackwell (2006)
(co-authored with A. N. Athanassakis) Orphic Hymns: Translation and Notes (second edition), JHUP (forthcoming)
Review of F. Budelmann, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Greek Lyric (Cambridge, 2009), CB (in progress)
Review of J. Rudhardt, Opera inedita (Paris, 2008), CR (in progress)
A Commentary on Pratinas (monograph, in progress)
“The Peripatetic Theory on the Dorian Origin of Athenian Tragedy” (article, in progress)

Research Interests:

Latin Poetry, Pedagogy, Poetics and Performance, Mythology and Religion, Music, Philology