A.B. Degree Requirements:

Core requirements + PE = 60 hours
Major requirements/electives/etc. = 48 hours
TOTAL = 120 + PE

M.A Degree Requirements:

CLAS 8000 (1 hour)
LATN 7770 (3 hours)
CLAS 7300
CLAS, GREK, LATN, ARHI, or other course on the ancient Mediterranean as approved by Classics faculty (15 hours)
TOTAL = 34

12 Shared undergraduate/graduate credits; 142 (+ PE) hours for combined program.


A typical recommended M.A. program of study is outlined below. Individual programs may vary.

Fall Semester 1

CLAS 8000
LATN 7770
Greek Survey
One seminar

Spring Semester 1

LATN 7770
Latin survey
One seminar

Summer Semester 1

two or three CLAS, GREK, LATN, ARHI, etc. to fulfill requirements on program of study.

Fall Semester 2

One seminar
one or two CLAS, GREK, LATN, ARHI, etc. to fulfill requirements on program of study.

Spring Semester 2

CLAS 7300


To complete the MA degree, prospective students must also apply to and be accepted by the UGA Graduate School. Undergraduates must have completed a minimum of 60 hours prior to entering the combined AB/MA degree program. AP credits may be applied toward these hours. Propsective students may complete up to 12 hours of graduate courses before they formally enroll as a graduate student. Students may count up to 12 hours toward both the Bachlor and Master degrees. Students typically apply to the Graduate School in the spring of their third year. The GRE is required for admission into the program.